Zim Special Permit Decision returns by DHA ready for collection

Zim Special Permit Decision returns by DHA ready for collection
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Over 30,000 Zim Special Permit applications ready in DHA VFS


Great news is really in the horizon for the early ZSP applicants, who successfully completed their entries that are related, based on Minister Malusi Gigaba of Home Affairs (SA). He was talking during a media briefing in Cape Town yesterday on latest updates concerning the ZSP permit renewals’ procedures.


Zim Special Permit Decision returns by DHA ready for collection
Zim Special Permit Decision returns by DHA ready for collection

He affirmed that nearly 64% of the finished 245 000 applications are received by now. On the other hand, the Home Affairs (SA) has finished the adjudications’ procedure for just over 20%, which gives an estimated numeric amount of approximately 31 360 as of the date of his media briefing!

This implies the choice results in the new ZSP permits from Home Affairs have been finalized, prepared and applicants may begin tracking their program as they should be ready for set in various VFS Global Centers as from December 2014 by those eligible applicants who are Zimbabwean.

However, on the topic of traveling during the festive season, his proclamations stayed overly casual and fellow Zimbabweans must still have to shorten their vacation strategies before 31 December to a date. The info at hand is that Zimbabweans can travel freely until 31 December to their state. The must do thus have filed their applications through the VFS Global outsourcing business of Home Affairs. We still expect a press release statement that is clear from the SA Home Affairs that denounces the present existing provisions and contradictory proclamations.

For the dates after as from January 1st, the provision which hasn’t yet been upgraded up to now be that Zimbabweans must-have for their result still in South Africa. Otherwise, they cannot be let back into the state assuming a receipt when their permit has formally expired on the 31 December 2014; they’ve applied for ZSP applications!

Further, we may include that ZIMID (SA), ZSP Permits Forum as well as the Zimbabwean Community in SA is now involved and well represented in Limpopo in an stakeholder meeting as Ldr Gift Eglone, Fbr also attended it. Mthokozisi Ndiweni and other representatives. The stakeholders’ assembly contains the involvement of Councilors, Home Affairs Supervisors, Jesuit Refugee Services Representatives, the Regional SAPS Police Commissioner and a lot more within Limpopo Province of South Africa.

The stakeholders’ assembly is a continuous initiative concerning support for refugees from Zimbabwe, savage homicides of Zimbabweans, other relevant problems impacting Zimbabweans, particularly within Limpopo Province, for example, xenophobic attacks, illegal immigrants and other foreign nationals.

We’re truly at all times at the service of Zimbabweans, and they need to don’t hesitate to remain in touch with us on any issues affecting them on the contact details attached with this particular press release. We guarantee to provide a fresh folks’ expectation even where there appears to be none, particularly to the Diasporas who are bankrolling the nation of Zimbabwe while supporting their families back home through remittances, and truly swear by great service deliverables to any or all fellows Zimbabweans!

ZSP online Application closes on 31 December  -Apply now 

DZPs will expire on 31 December, irrespective of when it irrespective of expiry date mentioned in the permit and was issued.

The ZSP online application procedure should be finished by 31 December .

Entry of applications and biometric enrolment by appointment in the application centers till 30 April 2018

For those ZSP applicants wanting to travel during the holidays, please refer to www.dha.gov.za

VFS Global service fees: R800 (inclusive of VAT)

Department of Home Affairs Fingerprint Clearance fee: R70 (inclusive of VAT)


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