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— expanded association together with the Government of Bulgaria; started operations in Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine; and awarded international visa outsourcing contract by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bulgaria

— honored with coveted awards internationally under several classes, including Leadership, Innovation, Quality Management, Information Technology, and Best Employer. Few of these awards were TAAI Award for Capgemini Leadership Award for Innovation; Leadership in Invention; three International Awards from World Quality Congress, and Bloomberg - UTV Dream Employer of the Year Award

-- International operations certified ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System and ISO 27001:2005 for Information Security Management System

-- Recognized first operations in the USA; found India Passport Application Centres in five cities

-- Advanced biometric solution launched for the Home Office - UK Visas & Immigration (formerly UK Border Agency); UK visa mobile biometric clinics held in India, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and Ivory Coast

-- Won contract for modern Zealand visa services in The Republic of Korea, Japan, South Africa, Taiwan, Indonesia, Turkey and UAE

-- Added fresh customers: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

-- Attained one million visa applications at the Finland Visa Application Centre in St. Petersburg, Russia


*Visa Application Centers

#Cumulative figures since start, in million (m)


Customer Authorities - 37

*VACs - 526

Countries of Operation - 63

# Applications - 41.09m

Workers - 2404


Client Governments - 34

*VACs - 409

States of Operation - 48

# Programs Processed - 29.63m

Workers - 1927


Client Governments - 28

*VACs - 337

Nations of Operation - 45

# Programs Processed - 21.00m

Workers - 1850


Client Governments - 25

*VACs - 282

Nations of Operation - 42

# Programs Processed - 13.94m

Employees - 1826


Client Authorities - 19

*VACs - 192

Nations of Operation - 37

# Applications - 8.15m

Employees - 1590


Client Authorities - 11

*VACs - 101

Nations of Operation - 11

# Programs Processed - 2.44m

Workers - 597



Client Government - 1

*VACs - 3

State of Operation - 1

# Applications - 0.15m

Workers - 46


-- Established visa application services for the US Consulate in Mumbai, in India's western cities -- Ahmadabad, Mumbai and Pune


*Visa Application Centers

#Cumulative figures since beginning, in million (m)


-- Employee Value Proposition

Employee Value Proposition

A Fellowship of Successes

VFS Global's Employee Value Proposition (EVP) represents our core values and commitment towards our workers. Our EVP has been created in a collaborative and centered manner with the involvement of individuals from across our organization to ensure impulsivity.


Success driven by functionality

We appreciate and celebrate our employees' achievements and success, ensuring fairness and transparency in acknowledgement and reward procedure

Healthful work-life balance. We ensure an optimum work-life balance is struck by our employees, while maintaining powerful concentrate on organization goals.

Institutionalized value established culture

We offer open, lively and friendly culture incorporated with a strong value system and a work environment that is conducive.

Nurture the Leaders of tomorrow

We provide unparalleled chances for career progress on the other side of the globe and develop future leaders from within the organization.

Enabled Empowerment

We encourage our workers to influence flexibility and freedom at work while providing constructive managerial support, to investigate and conquer new challenges.

Awards & Recognition

Through time, VFS Global updated its procedures to please its customers and has always reinvented. Its attempts have not been. Today, with a host of awards to its credit, VFS Global is true for one of the most famous providers of technology and outsourcing services to authorities.
— exceptional Commendation for Golden Peacock Environment Management Award, 2014

during the 16th World Congress on Ecosystem Management, VFS Global was felicitated with the Special Commendation for Golden Peacock Environment. The business has executed procedures and environment-friendly work practices among which optimizing energy usage, volunteering attempts and offsetting 2672 tons of carbon dioxide through investment in carbon canceling endeavors and societal outreach endeavor including comprehension drives, are the critical contributors to this acknowledgement.

VFS Global is the sole firm from the service industry winning a Special Commendation award among contemporaries who are top players in the manufacturing sector. This makes the honor momentous for the business

— HP IT Innovation Award honor for Major IT transformation project, 2014

VFS Global's IT function's job pertaining to Major IT transformation has been felicitated by Hewlett Packard (HP) with the HP IT Innovation Award With this, VFS Global's move from being companies of a traditional IT model to proponents of an "as-a-service," consumption-based IT model, stands admitted.

— ASD Gold Service Provider Award by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai, 2014

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) one of the largest government departments in Dubai, recognized the services supplied by VFS Global, together with the esteemed ASD (Government Service Department) Gold Service Provider Award. VFS Global's par excellence service rendered in the managing of the RTA employees' Schengen visa applications was hailed as being contributory to this win.

— Al Nasr Sports Club honor, 2014

the winners of the GCC Club Cup, the Al Nasr football team, presented a special letter thanking VFS Global for the extraordinary services rendered in the handling of the players' Schengen visa applications to nations like Australia and the UK, throughout all of this past year. This felicitation took place at the VFS Global Visa Application Centre in Wafi Mall, Dubai.

— Service Provider of the Year prize: Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards

VFS Global won the prestigious "Service Provider of the Year" prize. The award, presented at the 8th annual Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards held in 2014, recognizes the company's exemplary service to the public for consular and visa services on behalf of High Commission of India in its respective consulates and the UK.

— IMC IT Award 2013 for superiority in use of Information Technology

VFS Global won the esteemed IMC (Indian Merchant Chamber) IT Award 2013 for the superiority in use of Information Technology. The company has won this award under "End Users of IT in Large Business Category" for execution of SAP and enterprise portal using SharePoint across the globe. This further reaffirms the firm's leadership position in driving business excellence through the integration of information technology (IT) into its business operation.

— TAAI Appreciation Award for a Decade of anomalous Service to Indian Travel & Tourism Business: Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) Annual Awards 2013

VFS Global won the prestigious TAAI Appreciation Award for a Decade of Exceptional Service to Indian Travel & Tourism Business in recognition of the company's leadership position in the outsourced visa and consular services' market and its strong focus on offering innovative services, which improve the entire visa application encounter for travel agents as well as visa applicants. The award also recognizes the significant part in facilitating tourism and travel VFS Global plays.

— Travel Entrepreneur of the Decade Award — the First International Convention of venturesome Travel Agents Association (ETAA) - 2013

The Enterprising Travel Agents Association (ETAA), conferred the Travel Entrepreneur of the Decade Award on Mr Zubin Karkaria, CEO, VFS Global Group, to honor excellence, innovation and contribution to the business, during its first international convention held in Dubai in 2013.

-- Second Best Job of the year 2013 for ELVIS -- the Project Management Association of Finland

ELVIS, a breakthrough innovation by VFS Global developed in partnership with and for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland, has been awarded the second finest endeavor of the year 2013 by the Project Management Association of Finland.

— Greatest Network Security Implementation Award: Fortinet Network Security Awards, 2013

VFS Global has been granted the esteemed Best Network Security Implementation - 2013 awards under the Fortinet Network Security Awards recognizing the firm's leadership position in implementing the network security controls that are efficient and incorporated with other networking managements across VFS Global.

-- Dubai Quality Appreciation Award for the exceptional dedication to pursuing excellence in 2012: 18th Company Excellence Awards by the Dubai Department of Economic Development held in 2013

VFS Global has been awarded the respected Dubai Quality Appreciation Award recognizing the organization as a role model organization for its business excellence through the use of good practices and soundly-based approaches that are deployed systematically and are continuously measured and reviewed. The award was presented in the appreciation class of Dubai Quality Award (DQA).

-- TAAI Appreciation Award for Leadership in Innovation in the Visa Outsourcing Industry: Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) Annual Awards 2012

VFS Global won the prestigious TAAI Appreciation Award for Leadership in Innovation in the Visa Outsourcing Business in acknowledgement of the company's leadership position in the visa and consular services outsourcing marketplace and its strong focus on developing progressive alternatives to enhance its service offering for the benefit of its client authorities as well as their visa applicants.

— Capgemini Leadership Award for Innovation: NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2012

VFS Global won the coveted "Capgemini Leadership Award for Innovation" at the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2012, in recognition of efficient usage of technology for providing services to the client governments.
— Safari India National Tourism Award as the "World's largest, and a trusted, visa outsourcing business": Safari India National Tourism Award 2012

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