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Visa and Permit centre Pretoria

Visa and Permit centre Pretoria
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Visa and Permit centre Pretoria for Gauteng

VFS Visa Facilitation Service centers open in Pretoria. South Africa opens modern Vfs visa facilitation centers Gauteng! Brand new Zimbabwean permits announced by South Africa and ZSP applications will also be dealt in Vfs global offices.


South Africa opens new Vfs visa facilitation centers!

VFS Visa and Permit Centers in South Africa by Immigration South Africa for Permit & Visa services are open now. Department of Home Affairs has declared the launch of the VFS Visa & Permit Facilitation Centre in 11 cities and 9 states within South Africa.


South Africa opens new Vfs visa facilitation centers
Visa and Permit centre Pretoria for Gauteng


Permit and Visa applications will be taken at 11 centers in Visa Permit centers of VFS Global South Africa. These applications will probably be evaluated by Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria. Non-South Africans using a legal residency permit in South Africa can apply for a visa or permit at these centers.
VFS Global is a global outsourcing and technology service specialist for diplomatic missions and governments world-wide.


The organization manages visa issuance-related administrative and non-judgmental jobs and services, standing as middlemen between the visa applicant and embassy (decision maker and issuer) . The primary jobs performed by VFS are file listing record collection, document forwarding and acceptance on behalf of its customer authorities. London based VFS Global is a fully owned subsidiary company of the Kuoni Group (which also owns Kuoni Travel), a public-listed company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

Department of Home Affairs directly handles Zimbabwe nationals on Special Dispensation for Zimbabweans Project, Asylum and Refugee cases. A service fee of R 1350 enclosed VAT has to be paid per case.



VFS runs a call centre to answer your questions about the application procedure but CANNOT provide immigration advice.
Immigration South Africa strives to provide accurate and fast information to anyone wishing to immigrate to South Africa. Whether you require a permit, advice on finance, tax, how to buy a property, or anything relating to immigration and relocation to South Africa – Immigration South Africa is for you.


Home Affairs recently welcomed ZSP Applications

The Collection Committee of Home Affairs newly welcomed the continuous inflow of applications for permits under the brand new Zimbabwean Special Permit (ZSP) of 2014. This new dispensation uses the impending expiry of permits issued under the Dispensation for Zimbabwean Project (DZP) of 2009. The project was implemented to accomplish the certification of the large number of Zimbabwean people in South Africa.

The permits were appointed to terminate at the conclusion of December 2014. Because of this, the Minister of Home Affairs reported on 12 August the brand-new program continuing the permits. Beneath the DZP method, the team issued 242 731 permits and rejected 51 780 applications.

The brand-new approach will appeal to all the 294 511 applicants who submitted applications under the previous system. That is inclusive of the applications that have been refused under the DZP system.

“We welcome the steady influx of applications, even as we are convinced that the entire implementation of the system can get considerable ways in allaying concerns of recorded Zimbabwean people that are contributing positively for the expansion of our economy, together with individuals. The Department should work more to adjudicate these programs,” said Mr. Lemias Mashile, the Chairperson of the Committee.

The Committee was also fascinated from the number of cases of fraud in getting fake South African certification that has been settled through this program. The process offered a special defense to Zimbabwean people who acquired SA certification fraudulently. The whole plan uncovered 13 251 cases of fraudulent documentation. This resulted in the termination of the files, the clearing up of the people register along with the Zimbabwean people got appropriate permits.

The Committee cautioned the Home Affairs on its lack of the clear approach with regards to the adjudication process. A month after the programs was exposed. The adjudication process has not started. “The lack of clear timeframes in terms of the adjudication process is worrying. Hopefully, Home Affairs may consider assembling a definite anticipates how they will adjudicate the application form, especially since they understand the number of application they are expecting.


This can reduce the waiting time experienced by individuals during the DZP process,” Mr. Mashile emphasized.
Moreover, the Panel has called to the office to undertake educational destinations with stakeholders representing Zimbabwean nationals to encourage early program to reduce congestion of the system that may have a negative impact upon the performance of the machines.

Pretoria Visa and Permit centre Address:

VFS Visa Facilitation Service centers South Africa
Cherry Lane Office Park, 1st Floor, 114 Fehrsen Street, NieuwMuckleneuk, Brooklyn, 0181
Gauteng – Pretoria

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