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Visa and Permit centre Nelspruit

Visa and Permit centre Nelspruit
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Visa and Permit centre Nelspruit – Mpumalanga


VFS Visa Facilitation Service centers open in Nelspruit. South Africa opens modern Vfs visa facilitation centers in Mpumalanga! New Zimbabwean permits announced by South Africa and ZSP applications will also be dealt in Vfs global offices.  


Nelspruit – Mpumalanga  

Nelspruit is a city in northeastern South Africa. It is the capital of the Mpumalanga province. Located on the Crocodile River, Nelspruit lies about 110 kilometers (68 mi) by road west to the Mozambique border and 330 kilometers east of Johannesburg. The city is also known by the disputed name Mbombela.


Visa Facilitation Services Nelspruit – Mpumalanga 

VFS Global is a processing operation and thus will not offer visa seeking immigrants any advice as to the immigration rules. Check the rules from the immigration web site or you try to consult with immigration lawyers. VFS is not going to decide to grant or deny Visa. This decision remains with the Department of Home Affairs.

Visa and Permit centre Nelspruit - Mpumalanga
Visa and Permit centre Nelspruit

South African immigration lawyers and specialists have lately expressed concern over its weak migration policy saying the government would need to stiffen laws to ensure security for the country. Even once the new immigration regulations were published, the organization criticized for how this was done, and Home office officials were criticized to the stage that certain immigration professionals are considering legal action against the Department of Home Affairs.

The country is home to thousands of refugees from Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, India, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo among others. Malusi Gigaba was recently appointed Home Affairs Minister.

South African Home Affairs said that the brand-new Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) centers (called VACs) would open now in an effort to reinforce its immigration policy.

The Department of Home Affairs spokesman, Thabo Makgola, said a private company, VFS Visa Processing SA Pty Ltd (VFS Global), is going to receive and manage visa and permit applications in South Africa. He said South Africa is taking immigration matters “seriously.”

South African Minister of Home Affairs Said:

The decision to approve or reject applications still lies with the Department of Home Affairs, although VFS Global will be responsible for processing visa applications. “We will manage to exercise full control over the decision-making processes to make sure that our national interests and security imperatives are served at all times,” Gigaba said.

The decision to set up the brand-new facilitation centers and contract their running out to a private company had been told, “by none apart from our obligation to improve efficiencies and turnaround times,” he added.

The department has already introduced such centres in numerous its own high-volume missions overseas – including its missions in China, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria – where it had formerly fought to cut back on lengthy queues and extended turn-around times, Gigaba said.

“We have visa facilitation centres at quite a few of our high-quantity assignments outside the country, and they have been working pretty successfully … bringing, I might add, to the success of our tourism stats over the past few years. It’s this good practice that we expect to roll out in South Africa.”

As stated by the Department of Home Affairs, the 11 visa facilitation centers will all be open and fully functional by the end of June. They comprise two centers in Gauteng province as well as the Western Cape, and one in every one of the other seven provinces.

Visa Permit Centre  Address Nelspruit,  Mpumalanga

Visa Facilitation Service Centres (VFS)


Office 5F, Nedbank building, 30 Brown street, Nelspruit, 


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