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Visa and Permit centre Bloemfontein

Visa and Permit centre Bloemfontein
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Visa and Permit centre Bloemfontein for Free State!

VFS GLOBAL Visa and Permit centre Bloemfontein for Free State!

VFS Visa Facilitation Service centers open in Bloemfontein. South Africa opens modern Vfs visa facilitation centers in Free State! New Zimbabwean permits announced by South Africa and ZSP applications will also be dealt in Vfs global offices.  


Bloemfontein is the capital of the Free State Province of South Africa; Bloemfontein as the judicial capital is one of South Africa’s three national capitals.  

South Africa is busy setting up 11 new visa facilitation centers, managed by international outsourcing and technology service specialist VFS Global, in order to streamline services for foreign nationals applying for visa extensions or changes in South Africa while tightening the country’s security.

Visa and Permit centre ,Bloemfontein ,Free State
Visa and Permit centre Bloemfontein

ZSP Applications Welcomed 

The Portfolio Committee of Home Affairs yesterday welcomed the steady inflow of applications for Permits under the brand new Zimbabwean Special Permit (ZSP) of 2014. This new dispensation follows the impending expiry of Permits issued under the Dispensation for Zimbabwean Project (DZP) of 2009. The project was initially implemented to ease the documentation of the large number of Zimbabwean nationals in South Africa.


The Permits were scheduled to expire at the end of December 2014. Consequently, the Minister of Home Affairs announced on 12 August the new program to renew the Permits. Under the DZP process, the department issued 242 731 permits and rejected 51 780 applications. The new process will cater for all the 294 511 applicants who submitted applications under the last program. This is inclusive of the applications which were rejected from the DZP program.

“We welcome the steady inflow of applications, as we’re convinced that the full execution of the program will go a very long way in allaying fears of certificated Zimbabwean nationals who are contributing positively to the development of our market, along with pupils. The Department must work with speed to adjudicate these applications,” said Mr. Lemias Mashile, the Chairperson of the Committee.

The Committee was, likewise, impressed by the number of instances of fraud in acquiring false South African documentation, which was resolved through this program. The program offered special resistance to Zimbabwean nationals who obtained the SA documents fraudulently. The entire program uncovered 13 251 cases of fraudulent documentation. This led to the cancellation of these documents, the cleaning up of the population register as well as the Zimbabwean national was granted right permits.

The Committee cautioned the section on its dearth of a clear plan in regard to the adjudication procedure. A month after the programs was opened. The adjudication process has not started. “The lack of comprehensible timeframes in terms of the adjudication process is worrying. We hope the Home Affairs will consider putting together an evident plan on how they are going to adjudicate the application, notably because they understand the amount of applications they can be anticipating. This can decrease the waiting time experienced by applicants during the DZP program,” Mr. Mashile emphasized.

Furthermore, the Committee has called in the section to undertake educational engagements with stakeholders representing Zimbabwean nationals to support. Committee is also concerned about Home affairs’s Computer systemwhich is facing problems.

 VFS Bloemfontein 

Address: VFS Global Visa Permit centre Bloemfontein,

VFS Bloemfontein,Suite 4, The Park, 14 Reid Street,

Westdene, Bloemfontein.


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