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VFS Global is an international outsourcing and technology service specialist for authorities and diplomatic missions world-wide. The organization handles’ visa issuance-associated administrative and non-judgmental jobs and services, standing as middlemen between the visa applicant and embassy (decision maker and issuer) .

The primary jobs performed by VFS are file listing record collection; file forwarding and approval on behalf of its own customer authorities. London based VFS Global is a fully owned subsidiary company of the Kuoni Group (which, likewise, possesses Kuoni Travel), a public-listed company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.



Vfs Global serves to consular sections of diplomatic missions by giving administrative support: The firm offers biometrics services, including single tenancy and multi-mission/bureau options; and operation options, including operation support, information dissemination, examination and approval of records, phone and email help lines, collection and remittance of fees, biometrics registration,[1] info reconciliation, database creation, entry to the mission, appointment scheduling, and return delivery of passports. VFS Global additionally supplies services such as committed visa application centers and sites, combined visa application centers,[2] waiting courier pick-up services, on-line appointment scheduling facilities and sofas.


It performs jobs that are non judgmental associated with the visa application procedure, empowering the missions to concentrate on the essential jobs of decision making and evaluation.

With operations in 83 nations across five continents as on 30 June 2012 and 708 Visa Application Centers, VFS Global serves the interests of the diplomatic missions of 38 sovereign authorities. On behalf of its clients VFS Global manages over) (contracted per annum through its ISO certified [3] Visa Application Centers.


VFS Global was created in 2001 as a specialist Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) bureau, to serve immigration authorities and diplomatic missions to ease the visa application processes on the planet. The business started on the initiative of the US State Department in Mumbai, India, when it was not able to deal with the crowds outside the embassy to help the US Embassy there

Vital Milestones

UK starts new Visa Application Centers in Mumbai [4]

first of the UK’s type Visa Application Center for Five Nations Summit (5CC) found in Singapore[5]

government of Austria and VFS Global Start Austria Visa Application Center in Erbil, Iraq [6][7]

VFS Global starts first Visa Application Center in Pskov [8]

VFS Global and Germany inaugurates Visa Application Center in Mumbai [9]

VFS Global observes 75 million applications landmark by supporting staff to volunteer work time [10]

observing success the CSR manner [11]

VFS Global acquires Denmark as well as The Netherlands international contracts [12]

VFS Global acquires crucial Saudi-Arabian government visa services contract [13][14]

modernized guidanceNew commercial associate VFS Global for UK visa applications in Colombia [15]

UK revives two Visa Application Centers; open in Mumbai [16]

tradition walks for expats organized by VFS Global [17]

Remarkable Contracts

Lately the firm gained some significant contracts, which further complements its present portfolio of accounts. As an outcome of its own dedication is expanding to exceptional service delivery.

VFS Global acquires crucial Saudi-Arabian government visa services contract [13][14]

modernized guidanceNew commercial associate VFS Global for UK visa applications in Colombia [18]

UK revives 2 Visa Application Centers; open in Mumbai [19]

Awards & Recognitions

The business has constantly reinvented itself over the last few years and has a host of accolades and awards to its credit. The acknowledgement received from the Industry’s customers, and it make the business the most trustworthy suppliers of technology and outsourcing services to authorities.

VFS Global awarded the ‘Capgemini Direction Award for Innovation 2012 [20][21]

Zubin Karkaria conferred Journey Entrepreneur of the Decade Award in Dubai [22] at ETAA Convention

VFS Global triumphs ‘Service Provider of the Year’ award [23]

VFS Global wins’ Dubai Quality Appreciation Award [24]


In May 2007, it was reported [25] that the business was connected UK visa application system was flawed. It was, likewise, reported that on-line applications had changed from Nigeria, India and Russia. The VFS website was instantly shut down after the technical issue was brought to the eye of the UK media [26], and an impartial government investigation was started [27] by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). The security violation was initially reported by an Indian applicant [28] in December 2005 after which no successful remedial action was taken by neither VFS nor UK visas, the joint Home Office and Foreign & Commonwealth Office unit, which run the UK’s visa service through British diplomatic posts abroad. The exact same applicant went public in May 2007 after he found that his earlier warnings were ignored. It’s projected this security violation resulted in about 50,000 applicants’ identities having been potentially endangered until its May 2007 closing, following the media outcry.

The report of the investigation by the Independent Investigator, Linda Costelloe Baker emphasized organizational failures by both UK visas and VFS. The report also urged that the VFS on-line visa applications not be restarted for applications from India. The risk-free on-line applications made accessible at the Visa4UK official government web sites of the UK Border Agency have since replaced this.

Baker additionally said in the report[32] that following this event, UK visas ran extensive testing and discovered no evidence that data was stolen or abused. VFS underestimated what was essential to be able to safeguard private data for the amounts anticipated by the UK Data Protections Act. Following this event, several visa application amount checks were set in place. Technical procedures were additionally updated afterwards to assess the records of the on-line application website.

Conflict of interest and ethical problems related to outsourcing border control to private companies exist. The UK government has come under intense criticism for its recent treatment of visas, mentioning benefits and welfare use as the reason,[33] while concurrently paying citizen funds to outsourcing firms located in other nations to manage those same visas. There may even be problems in the protection of citizens on account of how private companies can refuse entrance and services to premises, giving momentary chance to defend those citizens to themselves. When seeing a vfs global website, you may not record the session.[34] Whatever goes on there’s lost in the mists of time, giving momentary legal recourse for those unfairly handled.

In November 2007, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office declared that it had found the Foreign Office in violation of its own duties under the Data Protection Act 1998. The Information Commissioner’s Office required the Foreign Office to sign a statement [35] it would obey the Data Protection Act and wouldn’t reopen the VFS UK visa on-line facility. It’s been reported by The Guardian[36] that as an outcome of the opinion, the Foreign Office would review its relationship with VFS and seek to significantly reduce its work that was outsourced, particularly in the region of IT. Therefore, applicants from India now have to apply at the Visa4UK official government site for visa applications that are online.

VFS introduced various measures to make sure secure and safe business environment following the report was issued. One of them was to make all its centers’ ISO compliant.[3]

However, as this event several authorities have been critical of VFS Global’s skills and have raised concerns over security.[37]there is the liability problem, the secrecy problem and why are we outsourcing to a for the profit things something which goes in the security mandate?requested Victor Wong, executive director of the Chinese Canadian National Council. Liam Clifford of international visas, a migration guidance firm, told The Sunday Telegraph:Once you place this work in the hands of private companies abroad, you no longer have the exact same protection.

The controversy over information disclosure was not especially easy for the British Government which was still recuperating from the NHS Medical Training Application Service scandal, an online service that had to be frozen[38] following reports of a security violation that is similar.[39]

Organization, Dominance and Monopoly

VFS Global is mentioned as an organization created and running under Kuoni group from Mumbai, India. VFS Global’s shareholding or administration structure isn’t made public as of yet by Kuoni. Various sources mention VFS Global as an instance of a monopoly business managing internationally in the visa processing outsourcing sector below the possession of Kuoni group. This means deficiency of processing standards, rivalry and administering dubiousness in this sector has caused a selection of confusion for policy makers internationally while managing through tendering and giving government contracts. This has resulted in difficulties in visa application pricing, and also caused concerns in the fields of central file management and content security, though VFS maintains a streamlined application entry procedure in all its canters.[40]

It’s reported in south-east Asia that VFS own staff at its collection offices tries to abuse its dominant status by making their particular rules with visa applicants. This consists of entry standards to the VFS centers and additionally amount of support offered to applicants.[41]

Main Points of Profile

Private company Founded Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (July 2001)

Headquarters London. United Kingdom Area served Global

Vital individuals Zubin Karkaria (CEO) Workers 2,935 (30th April 2014)

Parent group

Kuoni Group Website www vfsglobal com

Business Profile

The world’s largest outsourcing and technology services specialist for diplomatic missions and authorities worldwide

Serving 45 customer authorities in 118 nations with 1423 Application Centers

processed in 2001 since its beginning over 90 million applications

global businesses certified ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System,

ISO 27001:2005 for Information Security Management System and ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System

VFS Global is the world’s largest outsourcing and technology services specialist for diplomatic missions and authorities worldwide. The organization handles’ passport and visa issuance-associated administrative and non-judgmental jobs for its customer authorities. With operations in 118 countries across five continents and 1423 Application Canters, VFS Global serves 45 customer governments’ interests. The organization has successfully processed over 90 million applications since its beginning in 2001.

The organization ‘s highly differentiated solutions portfolio comprises dedicated visa and passport application centres, advice services (call centers), Internet based modules (for appointment scheduling and online payment set), biometrics (info capture and transport), verification/legalization/attestation, translation, foreign citizenship, logistics alternatives, program and project management, database management, security options, monetary options, etc. This wide-ranging range empowers customer authorities to focus completely on the main job of interviews and evaluation.

VFS Global has embedded best practices in its operations across all its committed visa application centres internationally to satisfy the demands of the client authorities. From the supply of visa application forms to returning applications that are processed, and relevant services, VFS Global follows a chain of exceptionally accurate, advanced and streamlined procedures to make sure its customer authorities’ and applicants’ complete security and discretion. Businesses and vFS Global’s offices around the planet are certified with ISO 9001:2008 for ISO 27001:2005 for Information Security Management System Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System.

Based in London, UK, VFS Global is a fully-owned subsidiary company of the Kuoni Group, a public-listed company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.


Vision & Mission


To be the market leader in visa, consular and identity management options business.


We partner with authorities to empower educated decision making in the field of consular and identity management services, by giving technology and administrative remedies and value-added services, which are safe, advanced and offer value for money and more rapid. We strive to develop a suitable and reliable experience for customers, by having hired workers, company expertise, international existence and value to stakeholders.


Our company is established in the three principals of Technology, Technique and Trust. This three-pronged strategy enables us to maximize efficacy and benefit for bothour customer authorities along with applicants.



At VFS Global, we recognize that keeping and getting our clients’ trust is crucial to our success, which is the reason it’s really a revered worth for us. Activities our conduct, and our business transactions were created to nurture and improve our clients’ trust.

Trust comes from surpassing customer expectations constantly and honoring our obligations. To ensure the greatest rates of company and business ethics functionality, we invest heavily in security and other control systems, and cultivating a work culture grounded in finest performance and ethical standards.


VFS Global is the most experienced firm in its space, and is focused only on technology and outsourcing service business. This has resulted in the creation of competence base and a robust technique which enables us to supply highly customised options to every customer government.

Committed teams analyze the requirements of every customer government before delivering optimal solutions. A solid quality management system ensures the highest standards in individuals, procedures and systems. Our invention team strives to constantly reinforce our existing competences and develop new ones.


VFS Global has made important investments in development of technology to control complicated work flows for substantial quantities of programs. We’ve developed proprietary software systems for data handling and passport tracking. Our technology support also extends to payment systems, on-line appointment scheduling and web site development.

VFS Global has partnered with the leading IT firms to ensure compliance with security policies and together with the performance standards determined by customer authorities of the world. Reviews and internal audits are conducted on our systems and procedures by one of the very best five audit companies to make sure business continuity and high-performance levels at all times. The firm also has an ongoing program to make sure security of information within various business processes, and process and quality development measures to assess all operations are ISO compliant.

By ensuring the greatest potential degrees of efficacy and service and giving to constant procedure and technology upgrades, VFS Global has affirmed its standing as the marketplace leader within the field of consular services.

What started out as an individual office in Mumbai, serving only one customer, has grown into an operation of international symmetry and nicely could stake a claim as the business leader!


Code of Conduct

VFS Global encourages and preserves behavior and a corporate culture in which integrity, truthfulness and reverence for the law are viewed as crucial to reaching success that is desired. VFS Global’s ethical and behavioral principles, which apply upon the international operations of the firm, described and are enshrined in its Code of Conduct, which is meant to function as a guide to a worker moral behavior and its corporate. This Code is supplemented by more in-depth internal regulations, guidelines and policies issued by VFS Global, which are related to particular geographic areas or subjects of actions of VFS Global.

The VFS Global Code of Conduct is an important part of the corporate culture of VFS Global and is binding upon Executive Board VFS Global’s Board of Directors and all employees of VFS Global as well as to all Facility Management Firms (FMC).

Anti-Corruption Regulation

VFS Global considers that bribery and other corrupt practices are incorrect and not satisfactory and is dedicated to doing business. To underline this obligation, the Anti-Corruption Regulation that is predicated on the VFS Global Code of Conduct has been issued by VFS Global’s Board of Directors and is completely supported by the Executive Board.

The Anti-Corruption Regulation which applies to VFS Global’s Board of Directors, the Executive Board and all workers and affiliated individuals as well as their directors, officials and workers makes it clear they shall not offer, supply, authorize, request or get a bribe or whatever may be construed as a bribe.

Quality Policy

VFS Global ensures customer satisfaction through quality of service, security and safety by using strong procedure appropriate technology as well as the involvement of its own workers and customers, resulting in constant development.

Environmental Policy

At VFS Global, we’re dedicated to abide to all Authorized, Regulatory, Statutory and other demands with the best goal of supplying the safest environment and healthiest setting to all our workers, customers, providers, and to anyone else socializing with us while preserving the natural resources and continuously enhance our procedures.

Well-Being, Security & Safety Policy

We at VFS Global ensure and give ourselves to the well-being, safety and protection of our employees, contractors, associates, visitors and customers through supply of safe and ergonomic work environment infrastructure and transport and complying with relevant legislations.


Highlights of that year as well as details of our development routine

Customer Authorities – 45

Program Centers -1423

States of Operation -118

# Programs -90.99 m



VFS Global won the esteemedService Provider of the Yearaward. The award, presented at the 8th annual Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards, recognizes the firm’s exemplary service to the general public for consular and visa services on behalf of High Commission of India in the United Kingdom and its various consulates.

VFS Global won the esteemed IMC (Indian Merchant Chamber) IT Award 2013 for the superiority in use of Information Technology. The business has won this award underEnd Users of IT in Large Business Classfor execution of SAP and enterprise portal using SharePoint around the world. This farther reaffirms the firm’s leadership position in driving business excellence through the integration of information technology (IT) into its business operation.

^ Figures said are as at 31 October 2014

#Accumulative amounts since beginning, in million (m)

Client Authorities – 45


States of Operation107

# Programs73.69m



Client Authorities – 42


States of Operation – 88

# Programs55.66m



Won 84 per cent share of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) international visa application center contract; including operations in 104 nations using a world-wide network of 139 Visa Application Centers

Reached 50 million programs landmark since beginning in 2001; including 10 million biometric enrolments

Given the essential visa services world-wide contract by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; entailing businesses across 33 states

Received global visa outsourcing contract by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Greece; began operations in Turkey and China, India, Nepal, Russia

Awarded international contract by the Republic of Slovenia to serve the new customer government in Egypt, China, India, Russia and Ukraine; additionally commenced operations in six Indian cities

Enlarged organization together with the Government of Bulgaria; given international visa outsourcing contract by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bulgaria; and began operations in Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine

Honoured with coveted awards internationally under several groups including Leadership, Innovation, Quality Management, Information Technology, and Greatest Company. Few of these awards were TAAI Award for Capgemini Leadership Award for Innovation Leadership in Invention; three International Awards from World Quality Congress, and BloombergUTV Dream Company of the Year Award

International operations certified ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System and ISO 27001:2005 for Information Security Management System

Recognized first operations in the USA; found India Passport Application Centers in 5 cities

Advanced biometric solution found for the Home OfficeUK Visas & Immigration (previously UK Border Agency); UK visa mobile biometric practices held in Ivory Coast, Malaysia, India and Kazakhstan

Acquired contract for New Zealand visa services in The Republic of Korea, Japan, South Africa, Taiwan, Indonesia, Turkey and UAE

Added fresh customers: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Reached one million visa applications at the Finland Visa Application Center in St. Petersburg, Russia


*Visa Application Centers

#Accumulative amounts since beginning, in million (m)

Customer Authorities – 37


States of Operation – 63

# Programs41.09m



Client Authorities – 34


States of Operation – 48

# Programs29.63m



Client Authorities – 28


States of Operation – 45

# Programs21.00m



Client Authorities – 25


States of Operation – 42

# Programs13.94m



Client Authorities – 19


States of Operation – 37

# Programs8.15m



Client Authorities – 11


States of Operation – 11

# Programs2.44m


2004 05

Client Government – 1

*VACs – 3

State of Operation – 1

# Programs – 0.15m

Workers – 46


— Established visa application services for the US Consulate in Mumbai, in India’s western cities — Mumbai, Ahmadabad and Pune

*Visa Application Centers

#Accumulative amounts since beginning, in million (m)

— Employee Value Proposition

Employee Value Proposition

A Fellowship of Successes

VFS Global’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) represents our core values and dedication towards our workers. Our EVP has been created in a collaborative and centered way with all the involvement of individuals from across our organisation to make certain inclusivity.

Success driven by functionality

We value and observe our workers’ accomplishments and success, ensuring transparency and equity in acknowledgement and benefit procedure

Work-life balance that is wholesome

We ensure an optimum work-life balance strike, while preserving powerful concentrate on organization aims

Institutionalized value established culture

We offer friendly, open and lively culture incorporated with a solid value system along with a work environment that is conducive

Nurture the Leaders of tomorrow

We develop future leaders from inside the organization and provide unparalleled chances for career progress throughout the world

Enabled Authorization

We encourage our workers to independence on the job and influence flexibility while providing constructive managerial support to investigate and overcome new challenges.

Awards & Recognition

Through time, VFS Global updated its procedures to please its customers and has constantly reinvented. Its attempts haven’t been . Now, with a host of awards to its credit, VFS Global is true among the very most recognized suppliers of technology and outsourcing services to authorities.

— Special Commendation for Golden Peacock Environment Management Award, 2014

With the Special Commendation for Golden Peacock Environment, VFS Global was felicitated during the 16th World Congress on Ecosystem Management. The organization has executed procedures and environment friendly work practices among which optimizing energy use, canceling 2672 tonnes of carbon dioxide through societal outreach endeavors including knowledge drives and investment in carbon canceling jobs and volunteering attempts, are the major contributors to this acknowledgement.

VFS Global is the sole business from the service industry winning a Special Commendation award among contemporaries that are top players in the production sector. This makes the honour momentous for the business

— HP IT Invention Award honour for Major IT transformation project, 2014

VFS Global’s IT function’s job pertaining to Major IT transformation has been felicitated by Hewlett Packard (HP) with the HP IT Invention Award With this, VFS Global’s move from being companies of a traditional IT model to proponents of an “as-a-service”, consumption-established IT model, stands admitted.

— ASD Gold Service Provider Award by the street and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai, 2014

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) one of the biggest government departments in Dubai, recognised the services supplied by VFS Global, with all the esteemed ASD (Government Service Department) Gold Service Provider Award. VFS Global’s par excellence service rendered in the managing of the RTA workers’ Schengen visa applications was hailed as being contributory to this triumph.

— Al Nasr Sports Club honour, 2014

The winners of the GCC Club Cup, the Al Nasr football team, presented a particular letter thanking VFS Global for the extraordinary services rendered to nations such as Australia and the United Kingdom in the management of the players’ Schengen visa applications, throughout all of this past year. This felicitation took place at the VFS Global Visa Application Center in Wafi Mall, Dubai.

— Service Provider of the Year prize: Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards

VFS Global won the esteemed “Service Provider of the Year” prize. The award, presented at the 8th annual Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards held in 2014, recognises the firm’s exemplary service to the general public for consular and visa services on behalf of High Commission of India in the United Kingdom and its various consulates.

— IMC IT Award 2013 for superiority in use of Information Technology

VFS Global won the esteemed IMC (Indian Merchant Chamber) IT Award 2013 for the superiority in use of Information Technology. The business has won this award under “End Users of IT in Large Business Class” for execution of SAP and enterprise portal using SharePoint around the world. This farther reaffirms the firm’s leadership position in driving business excellence through the integration of information technology (IT) into its business operation.

— TAAI Appreciation Award for a Decade of Exceptional Service to Indian Travel & Tourism Business: Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) Annual Awards 2013

VFS Global won the esteemed TAAI Appreciation Award for a Decade of Exceptional Service to Indian Travel & Tourism Business in acknowledgement of the firm’s leadership position in the outsourced visa and consular services marketplace and its strong focus on offering advanced services which improve the entire visa application encounter for travel agents along with visa applicants. The award also recognises the significant part in easing travel and tourism VFS Global plays.


— Journey Entrepreneur of the Decade Prize — the First International Convention of Enterprising Travel Agents Association (ETAA) – 2013

The Enterprising Travel Agents Association (ETAA), conferred the Journey Entrepreneur of the Decade Award on Mr Zubin Karkaria, CEO, VFS Global Group, to honour excellence, innovation and contribution to the business, during its first international convention held in Dubai in 2013.

— Second Best Job of the year 2013 for ELVIS — the Project Management Association of Finland

The Project Management Association of Finland has, a breakthrough invention by VFS Global developed in partnership with and for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland, given ELVIS the second greatest job of the year 2013.

— Greatest Network Security Execution Award: Fortinet Network Security Awards, 2013

VFS Global has been given the esteemed Best Network Security Implementation – 2013 award under the Fortinet Network Security Awards recognising the firm’s leadership position in executing the network security controls that are efficient and incorporated with other networking managements across VFS Global.

— Dubai Quality Appreciation Award for the exceptional dedication to pursuing excellence in 2012: 18th Company Excellence Awards by the Dubai Department of Economic Development held in 2013


VFS Global has been given the prestigious Dubai Quality Appreciation Award recognising the organization as a role model organisation for its business excellence through the use of good practices and soundly-based strategies which are deployed systematically and are constantly measured and reviewed. The award was presented in the appreciation class of Dubai Quality Award (DQA).

— TAAI Appreciation Award for Leadership in Innovation in the Visa Outsourcing Business: Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) Annual Awards 2012

VFS Global won the esteemed TAAI Appreciation Award for Leadership in Innovation in the Visa Outsourcing Business in acknowledgement of the firm’s leadership position in the visa and consular services outsourcing marketplace and its strong focus on developing advanced alternatives to improve its service offering for the advantage of its own customer authorities as well as their visa applicants.

— Capgemini Leadership Award for Innovation: NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2012

VFS Global won the coveted “Capgemini Leadership Award for Innovation” at the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2012, in acknowledgement of efficient use of technology for supplying services to the customer authorities.

— Safari India National Tourism Award as the “World’s greatest, as well as a sure, visa outsourcing business”: Safari India National Tourism Award 2012

VFS Global won the prestigious Safari India National Tourism Award 2012 as the “World’s greatest, as well as a sure, visa outsourcing business” organised by Pacific Area Travel Writers Association (PATWA), which is the leading travel writers’ organisation representing members from around the planet.

— Three Global Awards for Excellence in Quality Management and Leadership: World Quality Congress & Awards 2012

VFS Global has won three International Awards for Excellence in Direction and Quality Management – Quality Excellence Award for the best eBusiness, Quality Direction Award along with Supply Chain Invention Award in the entire world Quality Awards 2012 & Congress.

— Bloomberg – UTV Fantasy Employer of the Year 2012: World HRD Congress 2012


VFS Global was given the “Bloomberg – UTV Fantasy Company of the Year 2012” below the BPO / ITeS services group for the best individuals practices, broad international reach, and superior business model in the World HRD Congress 2012.

— QCI-DL Shah National Award on Economics for Quality 2012: Quality Council of India

VFS Global received esteemed “QCI-DL Shah National Awards on Economics for Quality 2012”; for attempts on reducing overrides in biometrics for United Kingdom Edge Service Visa Application Centers (VACs), and for efficiently using technology for keeping high standards and security of biometric scans.

— IQPC Greatest Process Improvement Job Award: International Quality and Productivity Centre (IQPC)

VFS Global’s UK VAC in Kolkata, India was given “Best Process Improvement Project” from International Quality and Productivity Centre (IQPC) in London in 2012; the job “Turn Around Time Decrease” won the award in acknowledgement of the company impact and range of development displayed by this job to serve visa applicants

— Three CIO Awards: CIO100 Symposium and Awards 2012

VFS Global has won the three most coveted awards for 2012 — Networking Pioneer Special Award CIO 100 Award and CIO Hall of Fame Award at the CIO100 Symposium and Awards 2012.

— Top 100 CISO Award: Top 100 CISO Awards 2012

Top 100 CISO Award was presented in the Top 100 CISO Awards 2012 to recognise VFS Global and its Advise Security team for using info security technology in advanced approaches to procure its company and mission essential advice in the best way and give business value, by creating competitive advantage, optimising business processes, empowering growth and enhancing relationships with customers.

— Maximising Company Impact Through IT: BORDER Award

VFS Global has earned admiration and the Edge award for ‘Maximising Company Impact Through IT’ for five years in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

— Greatest Information Security Initiative for Direction in 2010 in IT Security: Security Strategist Award and in India’ in 2008

VFS Global won the Security Strategist Award below the hospitality and travel group for the ‘Greatest Information Security Initiative in India’ in 2008 and for ‘Direction in IT Security’ in 2010.

— IT Governance and IT Security: ISACA Award

VFS Global was selected victor for the enviable Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) Award conferred for its’ IT Security and IT Governance’ in 2010.

— Process Improvement in trades and the services: Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Summit

Development Summit: At the Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Summit 2009 in Orlando, USA, VFS Global received an award for ‘Process Improvement’ in the ‘services and trades’ group.

— iSixSigma Greatest Job: iSixSigma Summit


In 2009, VFS Global was finalist in the ‘Best Project’ in trades’ group at the iSixSigma Summit held in Miami, USA.

— Greatest Innovation Jobs: Qimpro Convention

In 2009, VFS Global was selected finalist at the Qimpro Convention in Mumbai, India under the ‘Greatest Invention Jobs’ group.

— Superiority in International and Training HR Strategy: Employer Branding Award

VFS Global won the prestigious Company Branding Award in 2009 for its ‘Excellence in Training’ and ‘Global HR Strategy’s.

— Greatest HR Strategy and Training Superiority: Greentech HR Awards

VFS Global additionally received the prestigious Greentech HR Awards for ‘Best HR Strategy’ and ‘Training Superiority’ in 2010.

Executive Board

Zubin Jal Karkaria Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Olivier de Canson

Chief Financial Officer

Bernard Martyris

Leader of Human Resources

Dhiren Savla

Chief Information Officer

Paul John Maliekkal

Regional CEO – Africa, Americas, Australasia,

Europe and Middle East

Murali Raghavan

Regional CEO – CIS, South Asia and North Africa

Permanent Invitees to

Executive Board

Ajit Alexander

Chief Operating Officer – Middle East and Africa

Christopher Dix

Chief Operating Officer – Europe and the Americas

— Services & Options

VFS Global has developed best-in-class services to satisfy the technology and outsourcing conditions of its customers to offer them efficient, flexible, highly customized and advanced options.

With over a decade of expertise, VFS Global has created itself as a marketplace leader in the technology and outsourcing services for authorities business and diplomatic missions. Devotion and unmatched expertise to add value to customers allows the enterprise to not deliver lose in 118 countries across five continents. While leveraging process knowledge and our technological expertise, our customers can concentrate on their core business area.

VFS Global offers customized services to help its customers and efficient:

— reduce procedure sophistication

— minimize price

— reach desired output

— improve customer experience

— invent company strategies

Passport and Visa Application Processing Services

VFS Global’s passport application processing services & visa is an end to end option. This option has developed into a seamless procedure including information dissemination, appointment systems, helplines, group and remittance of fees, biometric enrolment and automated application, and suitable value added services to improve the applicant encounter.

Since our start in 2001 visa & passport application services are handled through time, our technology-driven advanced alternatives have revolutionized the way.

Below is a thorough explanation of every one of our service portfolio:

Information Dissemination

— Dissemination of information via web, media, printed matter and call centre

— Distribution of application forms and printed content for a specific mission, at designated Visa Application Centers

— A dedicated web site for every diplomatic mission; all pertinent information including downloading a clean visa application form may be obtained through the same

— Supplying applicants with personalized guidance

— Replying to enquiries by e-mail, postal mail and phone

— Preparing and counseling instruction brokers and travel agents, airlines

— Creating, maintaining and upgrading sites with visa advice, thereby enabling programs and tracking the progress of programs

We design and host a dedicated web site for representation of each and every customer government. We register a domain name for operations. Links and all important info are provided as per directives and written scripts accepted by the diplomatic mission. These sites offer links to the diplomatic missions we function in a particular area and bring out the local features of application condition.

The web site typically consists of the following:

— Advice associated with documentation requirements

Contact details

— Hyperlinks to embassy and government sites

— Downloadable forms and checklists

— On-Line tracking module

— Payment facilities and modes

— Other information that is associated

Examination and Approval of Records

After reviewing them for completeness and validity, based on checklists provided by the diplomatic missions — Accept applications around the counter

— Checklists to be signed by applicant and staff before approval

— Accept supporting files and passports after required pre-examination

— Counsel applicants whose applications need additional documentation and are invalid for any reason

— As a policy, VFS Global would never reject an application from an applicant who insists on carrying on despite being forewarned the application is invalid; in such a circumstance, VFS Global would annotate the checklist using a comment the applicant has elected to carry on despite being made conscious that his application is invalid in accordance with the checklist

— Adherence to a checklist

— Impartial approval of application

— No refusal of application

E-mail and phone Help Lines

— Now support program advice services for customers in 54 states

— Help desk service manages e-mails and big call volumes in multiple languages

— Call centre: Uniform service levels, merchandise offering, and operation windows across all regions

— Email services: E-mail replies that are standardized

— Customized offerings that are multilingual

Group and Remittance of Fees

— All applicable payment associated information updated on site

— Partner with banking associates that are trusted

— Exceptional payment verification to avert fraud

— Skill to get real-time database updates on fee group

— Multiple ways etc. of fee collection, on-line, banking devices, EFT, cash, cards,

— Demonstrated skill to gather fees in 54 states

— Have partnered with local banks in every single state, to transfer fees within 24 hours

— Broadly accepted ways of payments are executed in each area, as alternatives

Biometrics Enrolment: Fixed and mobile options to accommodate your company

VFS Global has significant expertise of delivering turnkey solutions that are biometric, for lots of its customers globally.

We offer both fixed and mobile options in various functional settings, all which attain conformity with applicable international standards. Our trained staff captures biometric information, encrypted and sent securely to our customers for their due consideration as a portion of the end to end program procedure.

We’ve chosen our frontline biometric kit associates with the goal of ensuring a high standard of maximum operational efficacy, care capacity and great value for money. Up to now, we’ve finished 17 million biometric enrolments.

Our Biometrics Enrolment options offer:

— Finger, facial, double iris and signature capture

— Mobile capacity deployed to satisfy functional demands

— Conformity to any or all applicable international standards

— End to end biometric options and systems integration

— Simple availability of enrolment centers

— Options incorporating individuals, technology and procedures

— Identity checking account and authentication abilities

Data Reconciliation

— it’s a standard operating procedure for all of us in accordance with the guidelines of our customer authorities to batch programs. All entries are tracked carefully to ensure uniformity in meeting timelines.

— As a policy, all staff members are trained to multitask. This enables the staff to occasionally rotate amongst various functions. Such turning helps to ensure that no worker develops a vested interest in just about any position.

— All trades are performed by at least two individuals, with an electronic/paper trail of handover input signal and takeover. This guarantees that there can be no deceptive insertion or removal of papers, nor any data get with purpose of fraud.

— Electronic and Physical entries of programs for each day are checked to ensure 100% reconciliation of programs and funds.

Database Creation

VFS Global has extensive expertise in capturing text and photo-picture data, for uploading into the systems of diplomatic missions. The information is uploaded via floppy diskette/CD ROM, or via on-line file transfer, creation of information barcodes for following scan.

Entry to the Mission

VFS Global synchronizes the entry of programs with the consular section to ease the procedure for inspection. Recommended standards including visa type, precedence case, preceding refusal, etc. sort and indexed all programs They can be subsequently submitted at designated times, in consolidated lots.

Appointment Scheduling

Having successfully scheduled for 12 diplomatic missions in 14 states over five million appointments, since 2005, VFS Global offers these services pertaining to Appointment Scheduling:

— Consular management module

— Applicant interface perspective

— Single database for every state appointment system

— Mechanism to schedule crisis appointment slots

— One to one match to appointment of applicant

— Supply consular reports on appointments and other Management Information System (MIS) information

— Demonstrated skill to stop group appointments

Applicants called for an interview can schedule an appointment by calling our call centre or by sending an e-mail request to us.

VFS Global has a proprietary ‘Appointment Scheduling System’ which can be programmed to produce slot capacity by parameters of date, time- visa kind and range. Our system may also allocate a queue number at that time of making an appointment. It gives complete flexibility to the visa section. The system controls appointments that are duplicate, by ensuring that no applicant is permitted to reserve multiple appointments, utilizing the exact same name and passport number.

Our system enables an applicant to:

— Determine first allotment of interview slots

— Later, correct allotments to take into account eventualities

— Allocate slots by visa category

— Allocate slots by Application Centre

— Assign time slots that are utilized to a specific queue

Return Delivery of Passports

Having successfully managed over 31 million passport deliveries, with ‘zero loss’ in international visa services operations, the following services relating to Return Delivery of Passport services are offered by VFS Global:

— Associate with trusted local couriers

— Proven barcode techniques

— Multiple points of delivery

— Skill to track status of file delivery

— Hub-and-spoke model for prevalent service delivery,for both intra and inter -state coverage

— Skill to deliver files over 99.99% of the time, with a track record of fulfilling the mandatory standard, without risk of loss

All programs are logged with an Application Centre promptly after recognition onto our electronic tracking system, by assigning a barcode to every passport. The motion of the passport and relevant files are monitored by barcode scans at every step of the procedure (i.e. counter to back office, back office to Ops Hub, Ops Hub to visa section, and so on).

These standards govern the physical motion of records:

— All files are carried in containers that were locked: either reinforced cloth bags or alloy cartons.

— An overnight storage in our premises is done in fireproof safes. Our offices, where overnight storage occurs, are fastened with closed-circuit TV cameras and alarms, intrusion sensors.

— Takeovers and All handovers are derived from barcode out-scan/in-scan and written handover/takeover logs.

Processed applications are gathered from the visa sections, established and at stated timings. These processed applications are accepted just in return envelopes that were sealed, provided by VFS Global. This ensures privacy of data. Return envelopes may be collected from the Application Centre where the application was submitted. As an alternative, an applicant may also get the envelope delivered by courier, for a supplementary fee.

In a few territories, VFS Global runs a same day service for precedence class of applicants. The qualifying applicants, who submit their application before cut off time, will have their records submitted in precedence, to the visa section -lot. The visa section gives them to VFS Global, the exact same day and processes these applications on a priority basis. VFS Global ensures that these programs are prepared for group, the exact same evening.

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