Permit South Africa

Permit South Africa

Permit South Africa

If you'd like to get a visa or work permit for South Africa, We are here with the simplified procedure. 


South Africa immigration system offers many visa and permit sorts, Like South African visas are providing a stream of: South African Visas, Work Permits, Family Visas, Other Permits and Business permits. Extensions are potential in all visas and permits. 


We have represented hundreds of customers for their Permanent Residency in Immigration to South Africa cases and acquired visas for South Africa.


Let our Immigration lawyers guide you through the process in applying for a South African Visa/Permit and Visa Information about South Africa Visas.

Permit South Africa
Permit South Africa

South Africa Immigration aims to give you any personal visa application information you need when desiring to visit, work, and analyze or live in South Africa. Whether you are a first-time visitor or travel to South Africa frequently for business, Our Immigration specialists ensure you quick processing, friendly service and specialist guidance when applying for any associated visa application.

For understanding South African Work Visas/Permits - Browse our choice of South African Work Visas to determine which work permit you may qualify for!

When putting in an application for a visa in South Africa or through South African High Commission, ensure your application is entirely compliant by taking advantage of South African Immigration. Our staff has over 20 years of combined immigration expertise working within the sector and for government departments.

If you are applying for a South African tourist visa, be certain you understand the new laws around changing your status in South Africa.

South African Work Visas and Permits can make possible to Work in SA. Family Visas can make promising to join family members already living in SA, Do business in South Africa with the blessing of Business permits. We will ensure that if apply for your Business Permit now - You will get a permit for Business in South Africa as soon as possible.

Should you need to offer your present visa, Extensions are permitted as per South African VISA Laws, While If you've made your mind to reside and settle your future in South Africa, You may apply for Permanent Residency permit.

Settle in South Africa without any problem or legal problems, Immigration South Africa will be able to allow you to file for all types of visas and Other Permits for Immigration to South Africa.

Permits Eligibility Assessments 

The Free Visa Eligibility Assessments from Immigration South Africa let you know if you meet the fundamental conditions to apply for a visa. To make sure that your appraisal provides you with a realistic result, ensure that the information that you provide is as precise as possible.

Permits for Immigration to South Africa 

Immigration to South Africa means applying for a visa. These visas and permits are issued by the Department of Home Affairs for immigrants seeking immigration or visit to South Africa.

The type of immigration permit or visa that immigrants should apply for is ordered by the activity they would like to undertake when they relocate to South Africa.

The various visa and permit choices for immigration to South Africa

Here are introductions to the main different types of permits and visas that may be applied for when seeking immigration to South Africa, for additional advice contact us.

Work Permits 

Applying for a work permit as a means of immigration to South Africa is achieved via one of the types of the work permit. In essence, the primary motivation supporting the Department Of Home Affairs regulations, concerning the issuance of such permits and visas, is it meets (1) Any ability shortage that may exist in South Africa or (2) A business's requirements to relocate specific proficient staff on a temporary basis to their South African operations. To learn more about the four types of work visa and, which may best be suited to your conditions, please contact us "

Retired Persons Permits 

As an ever more popular destination for retirees, with its many interests and exceptional value for money South Africa welcomes the immigrant retiree. These visas were created for immigrants who seek immigration to South Africa for their retirement years, or indeed some of the year in South Africa. To find out more about retired person visas, please contact us "

Company Permits 

For entrepreneurs and business people looking forward to creating and run their own business after Immigration to South Africa, Business visas and permits are made in law. The regulations for these visas are made to encourage investment into South Africa as well as create employment for South Africans, please contact us "

Study Permits 

South Africa has some world-renowned learning associations and is a popular destination for foreign pupils. Advantages include the comparatively low expense of studying fees and the lower living expenses. Need to find out more about obtaining study visas, please contact us "

Spousal and Life Partner Permits 

Partners and life partners of South African citizens and permanent residency holders are permitted to come and reside in South Africa assuming their connection. Couples move show they have been married, or together for a five-year time period, period, to apply for stable residency. Applications can be made for temporary residency before this interval. In the event, the accompanying spouse or life partner wants to take up employment or start an own business. The great news is an endorsement can be applied for. If you need Spousal and Life Partner Visa, please contact us "

Relatives Permits 

Relative's visa extends to second family for temporary applications and first kin for permanent residency applications. As an example, a son or daughter may apply for temporary and permanent residency whereas a brother or sister may only apply for temporary residency. To learn more on relative visa, Please Contact us.

Corporate Permits 

A corporate permit is made for South African based companies, which are experiencing difficulty in recruiting the employees they demand from within South Africa. It enables them to make demo and obtain permission from Home Affairs to recruit, on bulk, foreigners with the necessary skills to fill these positions. For more - Please Contact us "

Fiscally Independent Permits 

Fiscally independent permits exclusively exist in the category permanent residence - no temporary permit can be found within this section. To be able to apply you have to demonstrate a net worth of ZAR 12 million rand. The financially independent permit attracts a large fee from the Department of Home Affairs for the processing of such applications. For more - Please Contact us "

Volunteer Permits 

Volunteer visas are accessible under extended visitor's visa and supply chance for foreigners wanting to come to South Africa and carry out voluntary work for up to 36 months. For more - Please Contact us "

Permits kinds of South Africa 

Here is the detail of all visa and permit types of South Africa for your information:

For all other visas, please don't hesitate to contact us

South African Work Permits 

-- Section 11(2) Permits

-- Spouse Visa Working Rights

-- Quota Work Permit

-- Exceptional Skills Permit

-- Intra Company Work Permit

-- General Work Permit

-- Short Term Work Permit

-- Critical Skills Visa

-- Zimbabwean Special Dispensation Visa

-- Family

-- Spousal Permit

-- Life Partner Permit

-- Relatives Permit

-- Visas

-- Tourist Visa

-- Business Visa

-- Short Term Work

-- Extensions

-- Visa Extensions / Renewals

-- Permanent Residency

-- Financially Independent Visa

-- Other Permits

-- Volunteer Permits

-- Study Permit

-- Retirement Permit

-- Exchange Permit

-- Treaty Visa

-- Medical Visa

-- Appeals

-- Business

-- Business Permit

-- Corporate Permit

-- Immigration to South Africa

South Africa to enforce new rules on traveling with kids 

From 1 October 2014, kids traveling in and out of South Africa will have to carry an unabridged birth certificate as well as a valid passport, under modern regulations geared toward enhancing the safety of children.

The regulations came into effect after the conclusion of May, but the Department of Home Affairs has delayed their implementation until 1 October, to make allowance for families that have already made plans for the coming school holidays.

The rules are geared toward enhancing the security of children, including "their protection from child trafficking, abduction and kidnapping," the department said on Tuesday.

The department has advocated citizens and foreign nationals to make an application for complete birth certificates, which represent the particulars of both parents, in good time in order to prevent possible delays to their travel plans. It can take up to six to eight weeks for an intact birth certificate application to be processed.

Fast guide to the brand-new demands

-- When leaving South Africa with kids, parents or guardians should have the capacity to make unabridged birth certificates representing the details of both parents, in addition to a valid passport for each kid.

-- This requirement applies even when both parents are traveling with their children.

-- It applies to foreigners and South Africans alike.

-- If children are traveling with a defender, this adult is needed to make affidavits from both parents granting permission for the children to travel. They will also want duplicates of the passports of the parents, plus the contact particulars of the parents.

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