New South African Immigration Laws

New South African Immigration Laws
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New South African Immigration Laws, rules & regulations with amendments’ & changes.


Modern Changes to South African

Immigration Policies.


check your immigration status & know where you legally stand for the next days’ & months.


New Immigration rules for

South Africa!

There seems to be some hope for all that fresh immigration rules for South Africa are good. Any immigration rule should be foremost to meet the basic criteria of two simple factors which reflect the will of people:

New South African Immigration Laws
New South African Immigration Laws issued by Department of Home Affairs South Africa

1. Legitimate protection of National jobs

and businesses

2. The attraction of needed skills and investment

current rules often fall short to deliver, and it is hoped that any modern legislation would go much further to encouraging immigration that meets these two criteria.

Immigration Laws & South African


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New South African Immigration Laws
New South African Immigration Laws

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South African Immigration Laws and policies’

South African Immigration Laws and policies are complex and clutteredyou’re not alone in understanding that high quality, expert guidance is extremely significant for better understanding of laws. South Africa Immigration’ favorable, local strategy and our mix of former immigration officials, specialist immigration lawyers and Legal advisors who are specialists in their field, provide our customers a distinctive edge when it comes to understanding the law.

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South African New Immigration

Moving to South Africa offers you the opportunity to reside and work in one of the very enjoyable and culturally diverse country on the earth.

House to more than 43 million individuals, this southern African nation is a true melting pot of cultures and customs with an unrivalled abundance of wildlife and geography. South African Immigration presents a rich diversity for all those who successfully enter the country.

Broken up into nine states with important cities, for example, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria, successful applicants can, likewise, take pleasure in the breathtaking scene, including mountainous Swaziland and among the few locations on earth with a mega diversity of flora and fauna.

The country also enjoys a temperate climate with warm weather virtually all year round and more than twice hours of sunshine in relation to the UK.

Concerning doing business, the nation ranks highly in the nations of the world and those migrating to South Africa will find skills deficits in areas such as IT and engineering, ignoble property prices and a despicable cost of living.

Although the state has no less than eleven official languages, English is very well represented and those who migrate to South Africa from English-speaking nations will find the language in common use nearly everywhere.

South African Visa

Individuals who want to immigrate to South Africa may do so through either one of the temporary dwelling permits available, or instead, through one of the permanent residence permits, which may, in time, lead to the opportunity to experience South African naturalization.

South African Immigration Visas allow people to get visas for South African trips, South African Visas for longer-term allow to work or study and permanent residency visas for all those who wish to reside and work in South Africa on a unchanging basis.

As a specialist immigration consultancy, South Africa Immigration can help you to obtain any South African Visa from a short-term Visitor Visa for tourists and we can serve for permanent residence permit through several courses too.

Our Immigration consultants can provide immigration lawyer expertise and may help to make sure that you embark upon the most appropriate route for your move to South Africa.

Work Permit South Africa

For people who would like to commence to live and work in South Africa for an established amount of time, South Africa Immigration can help procure a South African work permit which, like UK work permits and similar documentation in several other countries, enables candidates to work for a specific company in a particular pre-arranged position.

South African work permits are an employer directed temporary dwelling permit but the possibility of permanent residency in South Africa exists for those who remain in the state for five years or more in possession of a working permit.

In South Africa, Visas are also accessible for individuals wishing to work in the nation by beginning a business or by investing in an existing enterprise.

As is true for UK Business Visas and US Immigration services such as the EB-5 Investors Visa, these Immigration routes depend mainly on an investment being made, but also demand demonstrable business experience.

Study visa South Africa:

South African Immigration Study Permit

A South African study permit may be acquired with the help of our migration consultants, enabling foreign nationals to commence studying in South Africa.

In general, South African study visas will be granted for the length of the course being undertaken.

In South Africa, Immigration is permitted for the spouse or life partner of a South African permanent resident or South African citizen.

Our Immigration lawyers can help you to apply for South African permanent residence by this Immigration service.

Additionally, we can, likewise, assist individuals who wish to go into the country on a household visa path by helping them to get a South African relatives permit for family immigration.

This South Africa Visa service enables relatives within the first or second degree of kinship to South African permanent residents or South African citizens to go to the state on a temporary or long-term basis.

Retirement Visa

Retiring in South Africa is a popular alternative for people who want to live in South Africa on a seasonal basis, spending part of the year in the nation as well as the remainder within their nation of residence.

Permanent Residence Visa in South Africa

Several of the Visa types outlined above are granted as temporary permits, nevertheless, in some circumstances candidates may experience South African Immigration as a long-lasting arrangement by qualifying for a permanent residency permit.

Permanent resident status win for successful applicants lots of the rights and privileges which people with South African citizenship enjoy with some exceptions, most notably the right to vote.

Applying for permanent residence may be potential in classes such as if you are already having working permit or business license.

Temporarily relocating to South Africa for the purposes of tourism or visiting family and friends will usually be run on a South African Visitor Visa, or Tourist Visa as it is occasionally known.

A South African visitor permit is valid for up to three months and doesn’t permit work or study in the country, although a brief course of study, i.e. one whose duration is included within the three-month grant, is allowed.

In case you would like to see the South African Government website on Immigration You can check by Google or Bing.

Please note South Africa Immigration is a private company and all conversations with customers remain strictly secret. We never revealed information to anyone without our customers express permission.

Immigration South Africa Company

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Immigration South Africa filing Service

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How can South Africa Immigration help me with my Immigration to South Africa?

Choosing which South African Immigration Advisor to assist you with your South African immigration…

As you would anticipate from one of South Africa’s leading immigration specialists you will receive expert opinion and support concerning any South African visa or permit application. Our job, nevertheless, does not stop there as we can provide aid with important items such

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Our website provides info about the different permits and visas that a person will need for a successful immigration to South Africa. (See also Wikipedia on Immigration South Africa)

What is next?

The best way to begin the process to immigrate to South Africa?

Attempt the unrestrained Quick Immigration Eligibility Assessment,

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South Africa Immigration Qualification

Immigration to South AfricaVisa Overview,

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Debate about New Immigration Law

Following on from Home Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma calls for tightening up of immigration laws in South Africa, the Senior Democratic Alliance official Manny De Freitas has said the Department needs to be far more picky in whom it allows into the country.

Interviewed by The South African newspaper, De Freitas the Shadow Minister of Home Affairs said, “South Africa… is a big magnet in Africa, attracting people from all over, and you’ve got to be choosy. You’ve got to be a sieve. You can’t accept every Tom, Dick and Harrywhich, frankly, is what South Africa has been doing. You need to put in certain measures to say. We need to sift you out. South Africa has been accepting everybody, and that’s part of the problem.”

De Freitas, a member of the Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs, went on to say that as a committee, they were examining ways of using some of the current measures of control that UK immigration has in place.

One aspect of proposed UK legislation is around minimum income levels of immigrants. This controversial proposal, by UK Immigration Minister Damian Green, would see immigrants needing to earn more than £31,000 a year to be able to migrate to Britain. De Freitas did not confirm that this may form part of South Africa’s future immigration legislation.

The reality of it is that South Africa needs to attract certain skills and of course inward investment. To draw on the UK ministers’ words: South Africa needs to know not just that the right numbers of people are coming here but that the right people are coming here. People who will benefit South Africa, not just those who benefit by South Africa.

De Freitas commended the newly appointed chairperson of the African Union Commission Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, currently the Home Affairs Minister, for ‘dramatic improvements” in the department and the “great strides taken.

Immigration companies and potential immigrants would no doubt welcome new immigration rules for South Africa and a stricter control of the immigration process. It would, however, need to go hand in hand with a clearly defined set of regulations that were well implemented and encouraged the right type of foreigner to enter, settle and invest into South Africa.

Recent change to South African

immigration policies

In a recent change to South African immigration policies, especially for people who want to apply for a Work Permit while already in South Africa, things are changing. Specifically regarding Visitor Permits with permission to work (Sect 11(1) with permission in terms of Sect 11(2)).

The South African Department of Home Affairs has issued a directive to the Missions overseas as well as the Ports of Entry, which sets out certain parameters as to when they may and may not grant these permits.

To stay in line with the new policies, note the


Repeat use of temporary visas, where the person could have applied for a full work permit, will not be permitted;

People currently on these temporary visas / permits will not be allowed to change to other permits and must leave the country on the expiry of the permit and apply for changes to other permits, from outside the country;

People seeking an extension to and 11(2) once inside the country, may NOT do so anymore but must leave and apply for a work permit from abroad.

This greatly affects many people living in South Africa currently. Some foreigners, often calledswallows,come to South Africa for the summer months and return for their Northern Hemisphere summer time. Sometimes this requires repeating a 3-month Visitor’s Permit twice, but this now may not be possible.

However, some people have asked that although these rules have been introduced, the law still states that these conditions cannot override existing law and regulations, that mean where the law states that a person may extend once within the country, they should be allowed to do so. Furthermore, repeated use of these permits is not restricted by the legislation, and in some cases foreign experts are required for short inputs of typically 2-12 weeks within 1-5-year cycles, for work purposes or other. South Africa’s current immigration laws allow a change of status conditions to (another permit) while the person is on a valid temporary residence permit.

South Africa immigration visitors now aware of the Department of Home Affairs’ new changes otherwise might be denied at South African borders.

Some immigration consultancies have therefore requested a meeting with the Home Affairs head office to discuss these issues. As part of the fresh policy and process, Home Affairs has set up a two-part process which requires pre-approval of an application at Head Office level, after which such applications may be submitted either at the Mission abroad or at the Port of Entry as before.

In order to assist you with keeping up to date with changes in South African Immigration Law in 2012, we will be continually updating these and fresh postskeep visiting for more details, and ask questions on our immigration forum.

Summary of Proposed changes to

the South Africa Immigration Act

The Department of Home Affairs has proposed certain changes to the Immigration Act of 2002, which would, in summary, cover the following issues:

Application in person,

The Department will require foreign nationals to apply personally for visas and not through the proxy of Immigration practitioners. Visas and other documents will no longer be issued to applicants the Department has not physically seen.

Applicants who want to use the advisory services of Immigration practitioners are welcome to do so. Practitioners may continue to consult and provide advice to foreign nationals on immigration matters.

Change in status of Visa

Those who have been issued with visitor and medical treatment visas will not be able to change the status of these visas while in South Africa.

If when in South Africa foreign nationals seek a more long term stay in the country, they will have to return to their country of origin and reapply for the relevant visas.

Asylum Permits issuance

The proposed legislation also outlines the way in which holders of section 23 visasthose issued to foreign nationals who wish to apply for asylum in South Africa when they enter a port of entrymay apply for asylum.

Such asylum seekers are currently required to present themselves at their closest Refugee Reception Office within 14 days of entering the country. They will now have five days to do so.

Immigration officials will also have to follow prescribed procedures to ensure that fugitives from justice and other questionable persons are not issued with such a visa.

Business visas

The Department is to prescribe the investment categories for which business visas may be issued. The Minister will be required, from time to time to publish a list of which sectors have been identified for investment.

Exceptional Skills and Quota Work


A new permit called the Exceptional Skills permit is to replace the existing Exceptional Skills and Quota Work permit. The Department will be required to publish a list of skills which the economy requires.

South African Immigration Law

South African Immigration Lawbackground

what is the purpose of South African immigration law?

Of course, the simple answer is to control the movement of people into a country. The real detail of the current South African immigration law, is, however, in why controls are needed and what controls are situated properly and that need long time to debate the whole system and process.

The South African immigration act states the purpose of the act to be:

In providing for the regulation of admission of foreigners to, their residence in, and their departure from the Republic and for matters connected therewith, the Immigration Act aims at setting in place a new system of immigration control, which ensures that—

South Africa Immigration Laws

South African Immigration Law

1. Temporary and permanent residence permits are issued as expeditiously as possible and assuming simplified procedures and objective, predictable and reasonable requirements and criteria, and without consuming excessive administrative capacity;

2. Security considerations are fully satisfied, and the State retains control over the immigration of foreigners to the Republic inter-departmental coordination and public consultations enrich the functions of immigration control;

3. Economic growth is promoted through the employment of needed foreign labour. Foreign investment is facilitated. The entry of exceptionally skilled or qualified people is enabled. Skilled human resources are increased. Academic exchange within the Southern African Development Community is facilitated, and tourism is promoted;

4. The role of the Republic in the continent and the region is recognized;

5. The entry and departure of all persons at ports of entry are efficiently facilitated, administered and managed;

6. immigration laws are efficiently and effectively enforced, deploying to this end significant administrative capacity of the Department of Home Affairs, thereby reducing the pull factors of illegal immigration;

7. The South African economy may have access at all times to the full measure of needed contributions by foreigners;

8. The contribution of foreigners in the South African labour market does not adversely impact on existing labour standards and the rights and expectations of South African workers;

9. A policy’s connection is maintained between foreigners working in South Africa and the training of our citizens;

10. Push factors of illegal immigration may be addressed in cooperation with other Departments, and the foreign states concerned;

11. Immigration control is performed within the highest applicable standards of human rights protection;

12. Xenophobia is prevented and countered;

13. A human rights based culture of enforcement is promoted;

14. The international obligations of the Republic are complied with; and

15. Civil society is educated on the rights of foreigners and refugees.

The South African immigration laws are complex but reasonably well administered. It offers 2 basic types of visas and permits

1. Temporary Residency

2. Permanent residency

South African Immigration Law for temporary residency

The differing permit types are below and further information can be gained by research on the subject:

Visitors Permit

Study Permit

Treaty permit

Business Permit (to establish a business or to invest in an existing business venture)

Medical Treatment Permit

Relatives Permit

Work Permits

Quota work Permit

General Work Permit

Exceptional skills work permit

Intra-company transfer work permit

Retired Persons Permit

Corporate Permit

Exchange permits

South African Immigration Law applicable to permanent residency

A foreigner with five-year successive work permit status

A spouse of a South African Citizen or permanent resident for a uninterrupted period of five years.

A child of a South African Citizen or permanent resident under 21 years of age

A child of a South African Citizen

A person possessing extra-ordinary skills or qualifications

A person who wishes to establish or invest in an existing business

A refugee as referred to in Section 27(c) of the Refugees Act

A retired person

A financially independent person

A relative of a South African Citizen or Legal permanent resident within the first step of kinship

Upcoming amendments to the

South Africa Immigration Act

Amendments to the Refugees Act and the Immigration Act, 2002, are far-reaching and will have a profound effect on the way permit and visa applications can be made, the qualifying criteria and period of stay. The amendments were expected to be in place during the first six months of 2014, but as yet they are not in official operation. That said, some consulates and embassies are already working to these proposed changes.

One of the major proposed changes to the immigration law is the application process where a change of status takes place. Currently, foreigners can travel to South Africa as a visitor and afterwards apply from inside the country for the appropriate permit. The new Act will prevent this meaning a person cannot travel into South Africa as a “visitor” and after that apply to a permit for long stay.

The Department of Home Affairs felt that applications made this way were misleading to the point of entry, when the foreigner knew their purpose for entering South Africa was, in reality, for example, work and not that of a tourist.

Another area affecting workers would be the proposed changes to the work visa. meanwhile residents of visa exempt countries can enter South Africa and obtain a Business / work visa at the Immigration offices by presentation of a letter from their  offsure employer.

This Special type of visitor Business visa was designed for people such as tour crews, movie crews, performing artists and the like, who had legitimate short term business in South Africa.

Due to the relative ease of obtaining a business visa it was / is widely abused. Even to the point where many individuals have misused it simply by leaving and entering the Republic every three months in order to get a new visa and avoid having to obtain a proper work permit. The Department of Home Affairs views such practice as immigration fraud.

This process would enter whereby an application would have to be made at a South African embassy or consulate with adequate motivation.

The requests would be approved in writing, and the employee would have to submit the approval upon entry to South Africa. Extension to the visas would not be permitted.

Keeping updated with South African Immigration Law

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Obtaining immediate assistance for your immigration needs

If you are looking for knowledgeable, experienced assistance from registered and qualified experts, we are here to help. As one of South Africa’s most respected companies who are offering immigration to South Africa services, we have successfully helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies to obtain the appropriate permit or visa.

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We are proud of our reputation, success rates and also of our client feedback. We look forward to hearing from you and applying our knowledge of South African Immigration law to obtain your or your company the appropriate South African permit or visa.


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