Jobs For Zimbabweans and Other Foreigners Living in South Africa

Jobs For Zimbabweans and Other Foreigners Living in South Africa
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Jobs in South Africa

$36K-$299K  Top Jobs in South Africa & Employment Opportunities in South Africa

Search South Africa City jobs and find great employment opportunities. Browse Job Find Jobs’s collection of full time and part time jobs in South Africa, South Africa.


Search on google for jobfindjobs.com to join jobs.

Over 12,000 Jobs & Career Vacancies are Open With Us In For Zimbabweans and Other Foreigners Living in South Africa.

Over 12,000 Jobs & Career Vacancies are Open With Us In For Zimbabweans and Other Foreigners Living in South Africa – We Will Provide All Legal Documents / Permits To Live in South Africa For Free – If You Join Us Today !


Our Employers are Multi-National & Big National Companies and offer Best salary / compensations for your time and effort.

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Search on google for jobfindjobs.com to join jobs.

At Job Find Jobs there are literally thousands of different Jobs & career options to choose from, not all Jobs & careers are equal. The fact is that some Jobs & career options are simply better than others Jobs & Careers.

Over 12,000 Jobs & Career Vacancies are open with us in your city! Our Employers are Multi-National & Big National Companies and offer Best salary / compensations for your time and effort.  Join Job & Start New Career today! Over 12,000 Jobs in South Africa are open with us – Apply Now.


The list of top 100 Jobs & careers for 2018 (2019, 2020 & upcoming years) is comprised with the latest job positions & Salary data.


The national average salary data consulted with the open market trends and that’s why Job find Jobs is bringing you the largest salary database in the world Filter by location to see Data of salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on thousands of salaries submitted anonymously to employees, employers, independent resources and by National Salary Data to understand accurate compensations and salaries with Job index.


Job Find Job links individuals and businesses for better Jobs & Career opportunities.

Use Job Find Jobs to discover what you are worth or find out how our compensation data can help you to pay the right way.

Jobs below are ranked based on a number of criteria including employment opportunity, work-life balance, job security, and last but not least, earning potential. While we do not assume that these jobs offer the best career path for everyone, they do offer just the right balance for many aspiring career professionals.

The best careers are mainly in the healthcare and technology fields. In fact, the top 10 careers are all in these two fields.

Dentist, Nurse, Pharmacist, Physician, Physical Therapist, Dental Hygienist for healthcare and Systems Analyst, Database Admin, and Software Developer and Web Developer for technology.

Top Jobs & Employment Opportunities in South Africa with Latest Salary Data


Top 100 Jobs & Careers In

South Africa

With Latest Salary Data


RankOccupation# of JobsMedian SalaryMonthly Salary Offered By Our Employers
2Registered Nurse915,900$65,790$7500
4Computer Systems Analyst180,440$78,670$7500
6Database Administrator48,400$75,390$8500
7Software Developer223,400$89,530$10000
8Physical Therapist98,740$77,930$8000
9Web Developer86,740$77,390$8000
10Dental Hygienist83,300$69,480$7500
11Occupational Therapist42,420$74,820$7500
13Computer Programmer29,730$72,230$8000
14School Psychologist42,400$67,830$8000
15Physical Therapist Assistant42,200$51,340$7000
16Interpreter & Translator32,620$44,260$6000
17Mechanical Engineer24,600$79,220$8000
18Veterinary Technologist & Technician45,100$30,140$4000
20IT Manager56,930$118,310$12000
21Market Research Analyst142,300$60,350$7000
22Diagnostic Medical Sonographers26,600$65,410$7000
23Computer Systems Administrator128,400$70,970$7500
24Respiratory Therapist36,400$55,350$6000
25Medical Secretary220,280$31,460$3500
26Civil Engineer56,800$77,940$8000
27Substance Abuse Counselor26,650$38,540$4000
28Speech-Language Pathologist29,650$69,150$7000
29Landscaper & Groundskeeper252,000$23,510$3000
30Radiologic Technologist64,000$55,520$6000
31Cost Estimator72,000$58,440$6000
32Financial Advisor71,410$66,480$7000
33Marriage & Family Therapist16,610$46,440$5000
34Medical Assistant168,000$29,300$3000
37Compliance Officer36,450$60,440$6000
38High School Teacher76,000$54,370$6000
39Clinical Laboratory Technician26,240$36,940$5000
40Maintenance & Repair Worker147,100$35,330$5000
41Bookkeeping, Accounting, & Audit Clerk264,000$34,730$5000
42Financial Manager49,560$107,660$12000
43Recreation & Fitness Worker129,840$31,330$5000
44Insurance Agent94,610$47,450$5000
45Elementary School Teacher284,600$52,810$6000
46Dental Assistant96,500$34,140$4500
47Management Analyst166,520$78,440$8000
48Home Health Aide770,500$20,310$3000
49Pharmacy Technician115,600$29,940$3500
50Construction Manager92,660$84,440$10000
51Public Relations Specialist59,280$54,130$6000
52Middle School Teacher111,330$53,140$6000
53Massage Therapist36,850$35,840$4500
55Preschool Teacher118,650$26,640$3500
57Marketing Manager36,250$116,510$12000
58Patrol Officer56,500$54,330$6000
59School Counselor59,410$54,630$6000
60Executive Assistant172,200$45,680$6000
61Financial Analyst58,200$75,630$7000
62Personal Care Aide613,700$19,750$2500
63Clinical Social Worker56,050$48,620$5000
64Business Operations Manager86,980$95,250$12000
65Loan Officer46,200$58,530$6000
66Meeting, Convention & Event Planner34,200$46,520$5000
67Mental Health Counselor45,600$39,170$4000
68Nursing Aide312,600$24,170$3000
69Sales Representative232,500$53,740$6000
71Sales Manager45,000$101,650$12000
72HR Specialist64,540$54,410$6000
74Real Estate Agent48,200$39,470$5000
76Art Director8,530$81,360$8000
77Customer Service Representative358,100$30,630$3000
79Auto Mechanic132,150$36,180$4000
80Bus Driver89,150$35,720$4000
81Restaurant Cook119,200$22,080$3000
82Child & Family Social Worker62,100$40,680$4000
83Administrative Assistant128,300$31,870$4000
86Cement Mason & Concrete Finisher51,400$35,500$4000
88Sports Coach74,010$28,570$4000
89Teacher Assistant198,200$23,680$4000
90Brick mason & Block mason36,200$46,840$4500
94Delivery Truck Driver130,650$29,280$3500
95Maid & Housekeeper116,500$19,290$2500
97Security Guard204,500$23,930$3000
98Construction Worker216,100$29,450$3000


At Job Find Jobs, we are all about helping you find the next great job opportunity or next amazing candidate. That’s why we have 90 industry-focused niche job offices at your fingertips – each designed to assist you in achieving your employment goal quickly, easily, and securely. With proprietary job matching services like Job-Match and resume scoring Services like Job-Score and Job-Resume Review, Job Find Jobs gives professionals the resources to find their dream opportunity or expand their teams.


Types of Employee Benefits and Perks


What are employee benefits? What benefits and perks can you expect to receive when you’re hired by a company? An employee benefits package includes all the non-wage benefits, like insurance and paid time off, provided by an employer. There are some types of employee benefits that are mandated by law, including minimum wage, overtime, leave under the Family Medical Leave Act, unemployment, and workers compensation and disability.

There are other types of employee benefits that companies are not required to offer, but choose to provide to their employees. There are some benefits and perks you may be able to negotiate as part of your compensation package when you’ve been offered a new job.


What Are Employee Benefits?

Employee benefits are non-salary compensation that can vary from company to company. Benefits are indirect and non-cash payments within a compensation package.  They are provided by organizations in addition to salary to create a competitive package for the potential employee.


Types of Mandated Employee Benefits

The following are compensation and benefits that employers are required by federal or state law to provide.


  • Disability
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Minimum Wage
  • Overtime
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Workers Compensation


Types of Employer-Provided Benefits and Perks

In addition to benefits required by law, other benefits are provided by companies because they feel socially responsible to their employees and opt to offer them more than is required by law.

Depending on the company, these benefits may include health insurance (required to be offered by larger companies), dental insurance, vision care, life insurance, paid vacation leave, personal leave, sick leave, child care, fitness, a retirement plan, and other optional benefits offered to employees and their families.

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